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About LMLL’s Baseball Tee Ball Division:

Tee ball is a LOT OF FUN!!  It's designed to be instructional and non-competitive for players of all abilities.


Click HERE to Register for Tee Ball Spring 2022.


Eligibility: For birth dates born on/before January 1, 2018 and on/after September 1, 2016.  The registration engine will allow registrations up to birth dates 3/1/2016, otherwise just email President@LMLL.org if your child's birth date falls outside of that range and you'd like him/her to still join Baseball Tee Ball.

Little League Int'l prevents us from allowing players younger than birth dates 1/1/2018 :(.

Want to play Baseball Rookies instead? You should be able to simply select that division and register your child.

Any problems with registration?  Email President@lmll.org, we want to get your child on the field :)!!

Who can play?  Players of all skill levels welcome!!!!!! We are a very inclusive and fun-focused league!

When are games and practices?  Tee ball meets once per week for two hours on Saturdays (and possibly 1 team will play Sundays if demand allows).  We are targeting the 9-11am slot at South Ardmore Park.

Coaches will provide some skill instruction and practice for 20 minutes before the game.  The season starts in March 26 and ends June 4th.

Where are games and practices?  Tee ball will be played outdoors at South Ardmore Park (and maybe other nearby fields).  A detailed schedule will be available on your team's site at LMLL.org, and will be emailed by your player’s coach before the season starts.

To find your team page, simply go to lmll.org, select "Schedules/Standings/Rosters", select "Tee Ball" and select your team.  Your calendar will be an option on the left hand menu bar along with rosters and team contact information.

What do you do in practices?  Coaches introduce players to baseball fundamentals, including proper throwing mechanics, hitting fundamentals, basic fielding skills, the names and locations of field positions, and base running.  We emphasize having fun together as a team, learning positive sportsmanship, and developing players’ confidence in their athletic abilities.

How do tee ball games work?  Players bat off a tee at home plate.  Every batter gets a hit, and advances to first base.  Innings change after all players on each team bat once.  Fielders throw hit balls to first base, and rotate field positions every inning so everyone has a chance to play all positions.  Games should run to about 1 hour and 10-20 minutes or so.  No score is kept. 

What do we need to bring each Saturday?  Players need: (1) a baseball glove, (2) water bottle, (3) team jersey issued by the league, and (4) team baseball cap.  The team jersey and baseball hat are distributed at the first team meeting.  Players should wear clothes for running (shorts in hot weather are fine).  Players should wear sneakers or cleats (optional); no Crocs or sandals.  Bats and helmets are supplied, but also players are encouraged (but not required at all) to bring their own.  

What about drop offs?   At this age group, each player must have a parent (or other responsible adult, e.g., neighbor, grandparent, nanny, etc.) present for the duration of the practice and game.

When will I learn what team my player will be on?  Parents will be contacted (via email) by the player’s head coach approximately the middle of March, who will provide schedule, location, team players and team name, and additional logistical information.  Please be sure we have your preferred email address when you register online.

Do we need to be township residents?  Lower Merion Little League is open to residents of Lower Merion Township and the Borough of Narberth and/or children that attend a school in Lower Merion Township or Narberth.

Where can I find additional information?  We have a Frequently Asked Questions page about our Spring Season baseball programs, on the tabs at left.  In addition, general inquires may be directed to the league at President@lmll.org. 

Chris Millard is the commissioner for Tee Ball and he can be reached at Chris.c.millard@gmail.com.

Game times and fields are subject to change
rev. 12/7/2021